JNE Crown

How it all started

At JNE Crown, we don't just sell juices; we deliver a taste of tradition and quality that dates back to 1987. Founded by Elie Sleiman, our President, JNE started as a venture in trading various consumer products, targeting wholesalers across Lebanon. Over the years, our commitment to excellence and authentic flavors led us to a remarkable journey in the world of beverages.

The final syrup products packed in cartons for delivery
Our Rich Heritage: From Trading to Manufacturing

Within a few years of our inception, we embarked on a new chapter by opening our first manufacturing plant. Here, we began crafting the beloved Crown Jallab, a bottled delight that captured the essence of Lebanese tradition. This iconic drink paved the way for an extensive range of products, including concentrated syrups, flower extracts, pickles, jams, and sunflower oil.

Automated bottling of Crown's concentrated syrups
Pioneering Innovation: Introducing Family-Size Gallons

In 2001, JNE made history by introducing the family-size gallon packaging for Jallab and other concentrated syrups. Through meticulous market studies, we set prices that reflected both the premium quality and the cherished taste our customers love. This bold step catapulted JNE into the limelight, making us a market leader not just in Lebanon but also on the international stage.

Crown Jallab bottled in family size gallons
Tradition Meets Technology: Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plant

To keep up with our growing demand and to maintain our commitment to traditional methods, JNE invested in a spacious, cutting-edge manufacturing plant spanning over 11,000 square meters. Here, we blend time-honored techniques with modern technologies, ensuring that every bottle of JNE Crown product retains its authentic flavor while meeting the highest quality standards.

JNE Crown's manufacturing plant in Mtein, Lebanon
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